How to Find Your Next Contractor Job

How to Find Your Next Contractor Job: Finding Work Without Losing Money

Be Pro Active: Always Follow Up Calls/E-mails

So you’ve just given your best sales pitch and you’re confident you’ve got this in the bag, the next steps need to be to follow up with a phone call or email. By staying on top of the work you have pitched for is a great way to ensure the work actually ends up in your hands!

Another great impact of making calls and follow up emails is that you are able reduce timewasters, it also shows that you’re serious and proves that you are the person for the job.

Don’t Think Small: Consider Global Contacts

When you are seeking your next contract, it is important not to forget about going outside of the UK, it’s good to think about what your transferable skills are and how they're applicable to your global search. 

Think about what contacts do you have in different countries? Who are the big companies? Do your research and find out contact details via websites and get yourself introduced. Networking is vital when it comes to finding work in new countries.








Social Media Savvy: Follow Companies And People You’ve Previously Worked With.

Twitter is a perfect platform for freelancers with the continuous updates, announcements and the perfect marketing tool.  Not only can you access new job opportunities from anywhere you are but it is perfect for networking too.

Ensuring that you follow people you worked with, worked for and their partners it will mean you can find out who they are networking with and use this to your own advantage.

Practice Your Delivery: Polish up Your Sales Pitch

As a contractor, you’ll know that the interview is a sales pitch for the work. You’re there to have a conversation about the project, the problems it might have already/ could face and if you’re the right fit for the job. Once you’ve had the interview you know that work should pretty much be secured, so the best way to ensure further work is to practise your sales pitch. 

Delivering your services in a confident manner is a great way to leave a lasting impression. Practise at home in the mirror, research the company and see if you can find out anything about the work needed before you go in. Be prepared, present well and be punctual!







Take it Next Level: use Advanced Search on Google

The advanced search option on Google can easily be applied to many everyday searches.  Job-hunting is a particularly fruitful endeavour when undertaken with advanced search. Some example searches you could try out are below for your next contractor job in the UK, or you could take a look at the advanced search definitions page.

Example searches:

  • In-site search: (website of company you want to work for) + "vacancies" or "contractor" or "hiring now"
  • In-text search: "contractor jobs" + "city you want to work in"

Examples of advanced search terms:

  • In-text: contractor jobs "bristol" + recruiter
  • Site: "contractor jobs" 

 If you need any help around contractor work, then contact us on 0117 985 6999 or alternatively email us at, we’re always happy to help. 


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