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Limited Company Calculator: Take Home Pay

As a contractor, probably the most important question for you is "How much money will I take home?" 

Setting up and running a Limited company is the most tax efficient way to contract and has a number of advantages, including the range of expenses you can claim. 

eQuidity can help you calculate your take home pay using our Limited Company Calculator. Please complete the form below to receive a tailored representation of your company. Our team take a lot of care to ensure that our results are accurate and, if you are on a standard tax code, we will guarantee that the illustration will be accurate to within 1% or we'll not deduct our margin for 1 week.

Take home more money with eQuidity - the power is in your hands

Take Home Pay Calculator Limited Company

Fill your details in below to receive a tailored take home pay calculation. The calculation is based upon the new standard tax code and PAYE and NI thresholds for the current Tax Year.

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