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I am a recruiter

As an employment outsourcing specialist we employ the contractor so there’s a very clear employment status. This means that when it comes to the 60 or so employment rights which miraculously appear the micro-second there’s a direct employer/employee engagement, the buck stops with us.

How it works

• We save you money and mitigate risk by providing Public & Employers Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance for the contractor, plus we manage any claims made.

• We also save you tonnes of time and heaps of resource as we eliminate pointless duplication in back office systems.

• We shoulder the admin burden for you by handling all payroll, tax and NI, allowing your sales team to focus on sales.

• We enhance your offering, helping to win new business and retain existing clients.

• And, last but not least, we help you avoid the legislative minefield by being independently audited and ensuring Managed Service Legislation (MSC) is simply not an issue. Plus you can be sure that all of our models are AWR compliant.

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