Claiming Expenses
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Claiming Expenses


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One of the many benefits when working as a contractor is being able to claim for tax-reducing expenses; these will enable you to maximise your earnings and help with your tax management.

Since the changes implemented since 6th April 2016, our expense policy continues to offer tax relief for genuine expenses incurred in the duty of performing your role.  These changes limit the “salary sacrifice” expenses format wherein tax relief was given on a weekly or monthly basis.

This means that for those deemed not to be working under Supervision, Direction or Control, we will process your expenses at the tax year-end via a P87 or SA100 form.  This will be done at no additional cost to yourself and it is imperative that you not only update us regularly with your expenses but to ensure they are genuine.

You just continue to submit your expenses via our Online Portal on a regular basis, and we take care of the rest!  We supply all our employees with our ‘Expenses Handbook’ so you can be sure of what can be processed as a legitimate business expense.

How to send in your receipts and expenses form

There are many different ways to send these documents to us; through our secure Online Portal, email to, or by post to eQuidity Ltd, WestPoint, 78 Queens Rd, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1QU.


For more Information just contact one of our friendly team on 03333 585 222 or email

You can find our expenses handbook and lots more handy info on our Useful Downloads page.

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