Umbrella Compliance
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Umbrella Compliance

Here at eQuidity we can guarantee that all contractors who join us will be working for a responsible employer that complies with all HMRC regulations and has a professional, transparent and ethical way of working.

Contractor Umbrella Compliance

•  Employee checks: We will check that you’re eligible to work in the UK and confirm your identity by requesting to see relevant records. We will also keep copies of your photo ID and documentation on file thereby complying fully with Border Agency requirements and immigration law.

•  Full contract of employment: you will be given a contract that provides you with all statutory protections, including holiday entitlement, sick pay as well as maternity and paternity pay. HR support will also be available to all employees, with admin and invoice management included at no additional cost.

•  Correct PAYE tax and NI contributions: all umbrella contractors at eQuidity are classed as employees. Therefore, we will be making the appropriate tax and National Insurance payments on your behalf.

•  Genuine expenses process: while non-compliant umbrella companies may allow you to claim for businesses expenses that aren’t legitimate, this can land you in hot water with HMRC. At eQuidity, we only process expenses that are in accordance with HMRC guidelines, whereby expenses claims are fully supported by receipts where necessary. We also advise our contractor employees to keep hold of their receipts for 6 years in case they are ever audited by HMRC.

•  Guaranteed hours of work: you will not be offered a zero-hour contract. Instead, clearly defined minimum hours of work will be outlined in your contract.

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