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There’s a whole bunch of reasons to contract through an umbrella

Every year 1.4 million people in the UK leave full time employment to enjoy the challenge, flexibility and financial rewards the contracting lifestyle offers. If you, like them, want to grab your slice of the pie then setting up with eQuidity umbrella contactor is simple and hassle free. And that’s not all – we offer unrivalled support and benefits that are second-to-none.

When looking for a contractor payroll solution, those who turn to eQuidity also find that they have more time to focus on their own projects and can spend their personal time as they wish, rather than having to work through their finances.

With eQuidity you don’t have to spend your precious weekends doing loads of admin because everything is taken care of by our friendly, experienced employee support team, who check every little last detail and give you total confidence that you are fully HMRC compliant.

We’ll calculate your tax and NI contributions and make payments to HMRC on a PAYE basis. At the same time, we can also record for you any business expenses you may incur, and can also offer assistance when completing your Self-Assessment tax return.

Here's what we offer

•  Expertise that’s second-to-none – skilled head office staff who are obsessive about excellent support and focused on getting you paid quickly and correctly.

•  Claiming what’s yours – we’ll help you manage your tax and help you claim for expenses, giving you the low-down on all types of business expenses, including claiming for the costs of hardware such as iPads and laptops.

•  We can help you with claiming your expenses through your Self-Assessment tax return.

•  Friendly expert support team – on hand to answer your queries from 8am-7pm, Mon-Fri.

•  Giving you the money – we run payroll each and every day and guarantee to pay you by CHAPS the same day we receive funds from the agency or client.

•  Everything is covered – we provide our employees with industry leading insurance: £2m Professional Indemnity, £10m Employers and £5m Public Liability. Plus, we’ve additional insurances available for those working in specific professions. Call us for more details.

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How you are paid as an umbrella contractor300px_umbrella.png

For contractors looking for a professional employment organisation to take care of their contractor payroll, joining eQuidity could be a highly beneficial move. We will look after the payment process from start to finish and make sure that it is correct, on-time and fully compliant with HMRC regulations.

So, rather than having to spend time managing your own finances, becoming an eQuidity employee allows you to leave the payment process to our experts and concentrate on your work, without having to worry about your payments ever being late or incorrect.

In fact, at eQuidity 98% of the money that comes in to us from agencies or clients is paid out that very same day.

Our payment process

The eQuidity team make sure the money is not only paid out fast, but that it’s always correct to the penny.

You need to submit your timesheets and expenses (if applicable) so that we can correctly calculate your take home pay. Then, your money is processed by CHAPS and will be in your bank account the same day we receive funds from your agency/client.

To sum up, here’s how we get your money to you:

•  Just as soon as we receive funds from the agency or client you’re working on assignment with, we’ll make sure everything matches your online records before processing them.

•  We’ll immediately calculate your tax and NI contributions and make payments to HMRC on a PAYE basis.

•  At the same time, we’ll also factor in any tax relief for allowable expenses as well as calculating any tax benefits you may be entitled to.

•  Then we’ll transfer the net pay into your bank account (we run payroll every day, not once a month like some other companies, to ensure you get your money super fast)

•  We’ll email you a detailed payslip showing your final take home pay following statutory deductions and details of any additional payments and benefits such as pension contributions, expense claims, holiday pay and National Minimum Wage.

Sound good? Well we thought we’d outline exactly what our employees find helpful from our payment process to give you an even better picture of what to expect from us:

•  Eliminate payroll errors – we will make sure that your payments are correct, sorting out any problems before they reach your bank account.

•  Real peace of mind – our team are experts when it comes to HMRC’s regulations and are up-to-date with tax developments so you can rest assured that your payments are fully compliant.

•  No more chasing payments – eQuidity is committed to making sure that your payments are received on-time, so that you don’t have to chase your payments.

eQuidity Contractor Umbrella Company

If you want to join the cost effective and hassle-free umbrella company provided by eQuidity simply get in touch on 03333 585 222. If you need more information or are unsure if contracting through an umbrella is right for you why not check out or Limited Company v Umbrella comparison page?

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