Why eQuidity?

Why eQuidity?

eQuidity provide Umbrella and Limited Company solutions to support contractors and freelancers in the UK.

We have the expertise and experience to provide high quality, low cost accountancy services designed to meet the needs of limited company contractors and self-employed business owners and are on hand to give you the best advice tailored to your unique circumstances, to support you whenever you need us.

Making Contracting & Freelancing Straightforward

Our team understand that contracting options can be confusing (and sometimes unnecessarily expensive). We wanted to offer easy-to-use, low-cost solutions that take the hassle out of working for yourself.

Simple, Secure, Online Umbrella Solutions

If you are looking to join a modern Umbrella Company eQuidity might be just what you're looking for. Our solution is based around our secure, online dashboard. The simple tile design makes it easy manage your invoices and submit your expenses - giving you complete control over your business finances without an abundance of paperwork.

You can access your account wherever you are via your smartphone, tablet or computer making it simple to see your current balance at a glance.

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Looking to Set Up a Limited Company?

Limited Company from only £99+VAT per month!

Benefits included as standard:

  • Free Limited Company Incorporation (usually £80+VAT)
  • 24 hours business bank account set up
  • Services designed with you in mind
  • Make the most of your money
  • Free business banking for a year
  • Everything you need, all in one place
  • You're in complete control
  • Easy to use, wherever you are
  • Help when you need it
  • Fully compliant

Why Switch to a Limited Company?

Becoming a limited company contractor is the most tax-efficient way to receive your pay as a self-employed business owner, meaning more money in your pocket. With eQuidity you can become a Director of your own company in under 3 hours – yes really! For more information about our services please get in touch on: 03333 585 222.


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